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    Canada’s Cyber Warfare Arsenal: Should we have been informed?

    Secretly installing malicious viruses and malwares, destroying enemy computer networks, disabling and taking control of enemy infrastructure and having the ability to launch full-scale cyber warfare – seems like a thing commonly associate with USA’s National Security Agency, right? Wrong. This time we are talking about the work of Canadian Communication Security Establishment or commonly

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    Vancouver – The Technical Hub in the North

    There is no denying – the lure of Silicon Valley is pretty hard to allude for entrepreneurs, technical experts and even fresh undergraduates. It is where the money trail leads to and it’s not just the money – the market connections, ease of access towards financial liberation, seed money or even idea incubators that seem

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    Mobile Technology: What does the future hold?

    It is hard to embrace the future – let alone try to predict it before it happens. However there are always cues that you can use to predict the technology that is going to shape our lives in the near future. While Mobile Commerce has started to spread its wings, with smartphones starting to become

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